Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Well, well.

Three down, one to go. I'm terrified.

Besides that, the latest developments in the business world involve some shuffling. The big project I booked Monday is going to slide southward a few weeks - no looking at a likely December start rather than a November start for the bulk of it. The good side of that, though, is that I was starting to wonder just how I'd be able to get all the projects done that were coming on for November, so now some of that time pressure is off. I won't make quite as much in the short term, but I'll keep busy longer overall and I'll keep my sanity better for a while. Which is good.

Lately David's been rather contrarian. It's the toddler thing. But more interestingly, he gets all eager to go to school in the morning, but then he latches on to Jane before we get in the car to leave, and then he really gets clingy when I take him in. Today, he ran the length of the building to get to school (exclaiming "I running to school!"), ran in and straight to his classroom, but then he started crying when I was getting ready to leave. Weird.

Anyhow, there's a fairly busy afternoon lined up in front of me so I better get to it. Hopefully my next entry will be really cheerful and have a datestamp from around midnight tonight.

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