Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Just to remind y'all, I've been blogging less for two reasons - one, because Jane is working now (less free time at home as a result), and two, because my business has been doing pretty well of late. My dance card is pretty well booked for the rest of the week, too.

In events over the last few days, we went to the Topsfield Fair on Thursday afternoon - Jane was off and I played hooky in the afternoon. David was nuts about the farm animals, but he really liked the giant robot that was walking around (a man in a tin suit on stilts), and the scarecrow. He's still talking about them, in fact. We arranged out meals for the day so that we could concentrate on junk food, which was fun. And we also let David ride on a bungee harness, which he really enjoyed a lot - especially when I pretended to fling him up into the air.

Then my parents came to visit for a couple of days - it was their first visit since my dad's hip replacement last spring. I think they enjoyed the quality time with the little guy - they could probably have done with a little less me, but it's a package deal. They babysat Saturday so Jane and I could have a rare night out - we went to dinner at Strega, a great restaurant that's owned by a neighbor of ours. It was nice to get out for a change.

Then Jane went to the circus with David yesterday. She'd gotten the tickets from her friend Susan, whose son Jonathan is one of David's friends. I played golf for the first time in about a month while she was out, then went back to their house afterwards to meet everyone for dinner and to clean all the spyware off their PC. Why do people voluntarily use Windows, anyways?

Today, I was going to go the the BNUG meeting tonight but I have to watch David since Jane's doing the late shift. So I'll watch Game 1 of Good vs. Evil tonight. I'm definitely going to watch Game 2 tomorrow after bowling rather than watch Kerry debate the smirking idiot-in-chief. I really hope we can avoid four more years of this cretin.

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