Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, more of a game at last

Nobody's going to accuse the Pats of running up the score this time! Nice game by the Eagles, especially after the opening INT for a touchdown. Generally good game by the officials, too - they blew the Moss offensive pass interference call (if that hadn't happened the game might not have been quite so tight), but otherwise were pretty solid.

Teams like the Patriots seem to find a way to pull those kind of wins out, though.

Monday, November 19, 2007

NFL-related thoughts for next Caturday:

(rest of league) I can't has SuperBowl?
(Patriots) NOT YOURS!!!

Wow, what a wipeout. The good news for the Bills was that they beat the Pats' defense by a score of 10-7. Unfortunately for them, the Pats' offense put up 49 on them. Including a couple of what were basically scrub touchdowns. Stranger things have happened, but I don't see how anyone else can even come close to them the rest of the way. We've seen teams go as far as 13 weeks unbeaten (the Colts a couple of years ago) in the cap era, but never with this level of dominance. Simmons is right, though. It's like rooting for Cobra Kai. But nice.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

One other note

I think we'll see the first Leopard bug-fix rev this week. Just a feeling - I know it's been seeded, but I think they will want to have it out there before the Thanksgiving week gets rolling. 10.5.1 will probably be followed by a 10.5.2 around the end of the year. And from there it should stabilize for a while.

First NASCAR thought in a while

As I type this, barring catastrophe Jimmy Johnson will win his fourth race in a row. I can't farking stand him. And the Chase system really isn't working too well anymore - As of this point, there are only two contenders remaining, and unless Johnson wrecks early next week (or in the next 11 laps, which ain't going to happen), it's all over right now (Gordon's 86 points behind), and next week's race won't really be for anything at all. I really can't see a better way to solve it right now. The biggest thing I'd like to see is the Chase expanded to include all race winners in the first 26 races, and seeding changed a little - the Chasers should be reset a little differently. I'm fine with bonus points for wins, but Jeff Gordon shouldn't have entered the Chase in anything but first after building up a huge points lead in the first 26 races.

Had the Chase been expanded as I'd like, the only three drivers added would have been Casey Mears (won the Coca-Cola 600), Montoya (the Infineon road race), and Jamie McMurray (first New Hampshire). All three of them are in a good place in the standings (JPM is worst, at 21st), so it's not like some backmarker is likely to sneak in who doesn't belong. Anyhow, one more week and then it's all shut down until February. Football returns next weekend, hot stove season gets rolling this week (once free agency starts), and even though I'm not much of a fan, pro basketball will be a little more interesting here in Boston this year (Kevin Garnett has always been one of the players I enjoy watching - though not enough to actually become a full-fledged basketball fan at this point in my life), and rumor is there's a hockey team in town. Not sure what they're called, though.

Okay, enough of that. Time to have dinner and get back to work...

Friday, November 02, 2007

What to do with the Sox free agents

Well, since I'm so indispensable to the Red Sox front office, I figured I'd treat you all to a little insider info - my plan for the free agent market this year. Don't share this with anyone, OK?

First, the pitchers:
Curt Schilling - we'd like to keep him, we really would. If he wants to play one last year and isn't planning on an endless farewell tour, we'll offer him a deal with a base salary of about $8 million and incentives based on innings pitched to get him up to $13-$14 million if all goes well. He's his own agent, so if we can get it done it'll be quick. This gets him the dollars he's wanting and addresses our concerns about durability. He's missed time each of the last three seasons, you know...

Eric Gagné - Let's just try and forget this ever happened. OK?

Julian Tavarez - He's with Boras, so this could be tough. We like him, he's versatile, has a rubber arm, and is a pretty good clubhouse guy. If we can get 2 more years at short money we'll do it. With Boras that's probably not going to happen, so say your goodbyes now.

Mike Timlin - We think he's about done. But if we can do a year at relatively low dollars ($3 million or so), he's a good insurance policy.

Matt Clement - Matt's going to be a decent pitcher again. But not here.

Tim Wakefield - Pretend he's not even on the list. We've got a forever option, and if he's healthy he's back. Period.

Now, the position players:

Mike Lowell - First on the list. Yes, we want him. We heard you, OK? But for his age and career performance, we can only guarantee 3 years at $13 million - if he wants 4 or 5 years guaranteed we can't play. We'll try and bridge the gap with incentives to lock in the 4th year.

Doug Mirabelli - We love ya here, Doug. But you can't hit, you aren't great on defense (except you can catch Wake), you're kind of old, and you're expensive. Pat Cash gives us what you do at much shorter money, and he can catch a knuckler too. Bye.

Eric Hinske - Thanks for the help. We'll take it from here. Hope you catch on somewhere.

Bobby Kielty - We'll try and get a 1 or 2 year deal done with you, but we've got other priorities now (we might replace you with Gabe Kapler if he goes ahead with his comeback - he's got Sox rights for life like Wake does). Thanks for the Series-clinching homer if it doesn't work out!

And here's the free agents we have our eye on so far:

Kyle Lohse - yes, he's got a losing record. But he's got great stuff, is still young, and he's the kind of guy we like to take a chance on.

Livan Hernandez - Durable, solid starter. We want him or Lohse most likely, and in the 4 spot. But if the numbers aren't good enough and we keep Shill, we'll pass on both of these guys.

Hitoki Iwase - this kid's looking for a few big-money years in the States to end his career. We see him as a good bullpen lefty (we've already got a closer), and this could work better than the Gagné experiment (that is the last you will hear his name here).

Kerry Wood - We're interested in him as a reliever. But he'll never leave Chicago.

I'm really not thinking too much about the position players right now - we're in good shape there (in case you hadn't noticed, we just won the World Series), and we're dealing from strength. We'll trade Coco Crisp during the offseason and use him to upgrade elsewhere depending on what we can get, but we're otherwise not going Extreme Makeover on the roster.

Remember, keep this all secret, OK?