Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where, oh where, has the author been?

Yeah, I know...  No posts and you're all going back to other folks' blogs.  Sorry.  Most of them are better than me at blogging, anyways.  Here's the nutshell version of what's been up for me keeping me off the screen:

- I had an employee go AWOL last week.  Left me in a mess o' hurt.  I'm actively hunting for a replacement now.

- A major mail/calendaring system upgrade went awry.  Basically, since iCal uses HTTP connections to manage the calendar server (with a separate stateful transaction for each calendar loaded), I wound up with about 25 people sharing 25 calendars and 625 concurrent HTTP sessions (about half of which were also SSL-encrypted) to go with it.  And it turned out that's not so good on an old dual-G5 Xserve.  In fact, I'm migrating the whole system to a Core 2 Quad system I built to see if it'll handle the load better.

- While driving to get the hardware in question Tuesday night, I was pulled over for speeding.  Thankfully, I escaped with a warning.

- I've had several new clients come onboard, and I'm trying to juggle time the right way for everyone.  Minus a person.

- My wife had to spend a week down in Philly helping her folks out.

- I still have a proposal to write tomorrow and a remarkable amount of other stuff to do.

So I will try and post every once in a while, but it's looking slow for the forseeable future.  Bummer.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Another lap complete

As of a few minutes ago, I have begun my 43rd lap around the Sun.