Friday, October 15, 2004

Mixed blessings

Some of David's crayons have vanished. Well, tonight I found one.

After wandering about this afternoon on some errands with the lad, we went home and I started preparing a tray of nachos. I turned the oven on to pre-heat while I worked, and David hung out by my side and scrounged a chip and a couple of little bits of cheese as I worked.

Then, he poked me in the leg - and when I looked down at him he pointed to the oven and said "look, daddy - candles!"

I looked. There was a fire blazing in the oven.

I grabbed the extinguisher, but was able to put it out without having to use it. Turned out we found one of the crayons. After letting the oven cool and cleaning it out, I was able to resume and make dinner, but that was one scary freaking moment.

So the good part is he spotted it and so I was able to take care of it quickly. The bad part is we have a latch on that oven - I have no idea how he got that crayon in there.

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