Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sober baseball thoughts

After Game 1 has gone into the record books, I stand by my first statement: if Schilling is done, so are the Sox. The good news is that under the circumstances, the bullpen was reasonably effective (the runs Wakefield gave up were almost what you'd expect after all his time off - better now than in his next start), and after the offense finally sputtered to life, they nearly made up the entire deficit in only three innings. Mussina turned mortal again quickly - a good indicator if they have to face him again. Tom Gordon was quite hittable. And Mariano Rivera has looked mortal throughout the Twins series, and he did last night as well. He never used to be a "let a few runners on, then wiggle out of it" pitcher - he was dominant once, and he hasn't been for a while now.

So if Schilling will be OK to go this weekend, it could still turn out in our favor. If not, I just don't see how the pitching matchups can work for us.

I'll be in Cambridge pretty much all day at a client site. Which is good, since I get paid for it...

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