Friday, October 29, 2004

Day 2 - yep, it's real

This morning, there was nothing on the news services about Game 5, and nothing about the trophy being taken back.

We still won. Holy smokes!

Last night felt almost empty, though, with no baseball on TV. On the other hand, I had too much work to do to watch it, anyways - I had to get Jane's file cabinet assembled, and I picked up a Linksys wireless repeater at Staples to give us enough signal boost to the basement that I wouldn't have to rewire the Ethernet drop. Getting the repeater to work was a major pain in the tail - the setup wizard didn't work, and so I had to associate her laptop manually with it (by assigning it a 192.168.1 address), and then do all the programming of it via the web interface. It works well now, but the driver for my iPaq has trouble handling the repeater and locks the iPaq up hard when it associates. The important thing is that both our laptops and the TiVo handle it fine.

I think I figured out what it is about the World Series that seemed almost anticlimactic. The Yankees series was four straight games of do-or-die baseball. All but the last game was pretty much a nailbiter. Then, Game 1 of the Series was a tremendous, back-and-forth contest, finally coming out our way thanks to the Bellhorn homer and a Foulke save. And I though afterwards "geez, this series is going to be a struggle".

But then the Sox dominated from there on in, and suddenly a World Series that seemed like it would be epic turned into a blowout. It's almost like I didn't have the time to get wound up by it.

Right now, though, I'm debating whether to go into Boston tomorrow with David for the parade. I'm leaning about 3-1 against it, but if we have a nice day outside I could change my mind.

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