Sunday, October 17, 2004


At least the Twins won game 1 of their series. And at least the Sox didn't get our hopes up only to have them dashed in game 7.

No, we were out of this from the end of the first inning of game 1 - like I said, unfortunately, back when it happened. No team has ever come back from 3-0, and we're not going to be an exception. When Schilling got hurt, they gave up. The rest of this series is a formality.

We'll see what the makeup of this club is next season, but obviously this one just didn't have what it took if they depended on one guy so much. I think we were all fooled a bit by that streak in August, but think of it this way - every time towards the end of the season that they got close, the Yankees pulled just a little bit out of their tank to stay in front. It was a tease.

Why am I up this early? I'm headed to the MIT Flea - last one of the season. There's time for sleep when I come home.

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