Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's a bigger world

A brief musing on where life has taken me:

Back as recently as 2011 I wasn't all that social. Sure, we had our Halloween party most years. And sure, we had a few families that we hung out with somewhat. But mainly my social life was lived vicariously through Jane. Hell, I didn't even really hang out with anyone at my 25th high school reunion back in 2009.

What happened since then? First, I became active in politics. I won an election, then another one, and now I'm running for a third term on the Salem City Council. My day job has been a huge time suck. There are other outlets now for my to write and vent - I can post on Facebook and have near-instant analytics and interactivity. Or I can write a tweet and have my thought out there seconds later. No need to compose, and no worries about audience. This blog has been fairly widely read at times over the decade-plus I've had it, but I posted nothing for all of 2014 and nobody really noticed.

So basically, though I was one of the earliest bloggers out there (with over 1000 posts on this site), I'm probably not going to do much more of it. There are other places appropriate to publish what I want to write, and times have in fact changed.

I still may do a longform once in a while, but we'll see.