Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Drips and Drabs

First off: Farewell, Rodney. We'll miss you. Even what turned out to be your final public statement was funny.

I'm looking forward to the return of bowling season this afternoon. Though it also means it's nearly time to put away the golf clubs once and for all (I haven't played since before Labor Day, but I may be playing Friday morning if the weather's nice), I like bowling for entirely different reasons.

I implemented a VPN at home yesterday - I'd had major troubles with my e-mail system at home ever since upgrading to SpamAssassin 3.0. The problems were easy in theory to fix, but because of the fairly complex way SME Server handles things internally they weren't readily fix-able. So I decided to finally try ClarkConnect - the other "major" drop-in Linux-based small server OS. I like it. There's a few minor glitches in the design, but overall it's integrated pretty well and offers all sorts of easy-to-manage goodies.

I'm not nutty busy this week so far. I've done a couple of hours of customer work, and I also am working on proposals for two of my newer ones. The rest of the month looks busier. I also have to catch up on my billing later this week.

If all goes well, tomorrow I'll be playing hooky to go to the Topsfield Fair.

Yesterday, I got lucky and found a parking spot right next to the daycare center. So I left my car there all day. I realized the folly of my decision on the way out, though - since Jane was picking David up (I had to go to a BNUG meeting), I would be leaving without him. But if I left the normal way, I would have walked right past the fence to the outside play area the toddlers play in every afternoon when the weather's nice. He would have seen me, and we would have been in Meltdown City. So I had to exit through a different part of the building, and detour way around to get to my car.

It wasn't as bad when I went for my walk, because that was during his naptime. I planned it that way.

Every time I see Dick Cheney, I think of Ozzy Ozbourne's "I'm the prince of freakin' darkness" quote.

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