Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Analysis from Mr. Baseball

If Curt Schilling is hurt, it's all over. We have no chance.

To explain this better, one of the matchup givens is that Schilling is a dominant number 1 starter - making Pedro a luxury at the 2 spot. The 3 and 4 matchups are more even. And the Yankees were teeing off on Schilling tonight over the three innings he was in. It wasn't just a bad night - he had no velocity and little command. That means he's probably hurt worse than he let on. A lot worse. It's unlikely he could make another start, I suspect, if he's really hurting.

So with Game 1 a likely lost cause, it's all on Pedro tomorrow night. Not to mention that the Sox offense has come out completely flat so far. Oh boy.

If this ain't the year, it's probably not going to happen in my lifetime. Maybe David will get to see a title in his. If all goes well, he should at least make it into the 2080s...

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