Thursday, October 21, 2004

I feel like my legs are made of jello right now

Really. It's amazing, what seeing the greatest comeback in the history of any major professional sport can do to you. But as a Sox diehard, I didn't stop worrying until the last out was in the books.

They managed to surprise everyone, least of all me. Read back a few days. I wrote them off when Schilling went down in Game 1. Little did I realize that David Ortiz would carry them on his back for two days, that Derek Lowe would rediscover his professional career, that Johnny Damon would break out of an ALCS-long slump with a grand slam, and that Schilling would get his shredded ankle sewn shut and dominate the Yankees.

I stand corrected, and I'm happy to say so. Now let's see who comes to Fenway on Saturday night.

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