Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A region hits the "pause" button

It seems like all New England is on "pause", not just me. People seem tense as they walk the halls here at the Cummings Center. There's something in the air that's got everyone on edge. Red Sox Nation is holding it's collective breath.

Ironically, tonight there's a lot less pressure on the Sox than there is on the Yankees. The Sox are the ones who should have gone home days ago. After that pounding Saturday, it should have all been over. But somehow they managed to win two extra-inning nailbiters to stay alive, and last night Curt Schilling arguably joined the Pantheon by pitching all the life out of the Yankees with his ankle literally sewn together.

There's plenty of time for surgery later. There's plenty of time for sleep afterwards. What matters right now is that the World Series starts Saturday night, at the AL ballpark. And here's hoping it's Fenway.

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