Monday, March 30, 2009

Hardware hackology

The major afternoon project - I went out and upgraded my Time Capsule to take a 1TB drive.

Cost of a Time Capsule: $299
Cost of a 1TB Time Capsule: $499

Cost of a 1TB WD Caviar Green drive: $110
Leftover 500GB Caviar Blue (what was in my Time Capsule before surgery): Useful.

It was pretty easy - You do need to peel off the rubber bumper on the bottom first, but there will be enough glue left over to easily stick it back on. Then there's a host of small Philips screws to remove, and the drive swap itself is quick. There is a temperature sensor you will have to re-place, and standoffs mounted to the lower drive chassis that need to be removed and moved to the new drive. But with the Caviar Green in place, operating temperature seems significantly lower, and the box is quieter as well.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the point is?

So Microsoft's agency (Crispin Porter) is now directly going after Apple. Great. Don't you think they could have found something better for "Lauren, who is a real person" (but is also an actress and has a union card)?

The flip side is that there's plenty of areas Apple doesn't compete well in - and the low point of the market definitely is one of those areas. Though the HP she picked is a turd. In her defense, she comes across well and is cute. She lives in the netherworld of "not cool enough for Macs, but cool enough to have a VW", and that's a good-sized market.

She is an actress, after all - I agree with the Infoworld Cringely (as opposed to the "classic" one) and think it'd be fun to check up on her in a couple of months.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just to reinforce my smug

I was off by a week, but the iPhone software 3.0 announcement was pretty much right on track with my earlier comments. Neener.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Dumb tech quotes of 2009, part 1

“Think about it -- If you bought the first iPhone, you bought it because you wanted the coolest product on the market,” said McNamee, 52. “Your two-year contract has just expired. Look around. Tell me what they’re going to buy.”

(Roger McNamee is with Elevation Partners, the major investor in Palm)

Uh, maybe another iPhone? Probably the 2009 model?

Because they like their iPhone, Roger - plus they'd have to give up/rebuy all their applications in order to switch to a Pre. It's called "lock-in. Apple has it. If you guys had done something over the last 4 years besides crappy PalmOS Treos and "me-too" Windows Mobile clones (remember? Palm gave up on their "OS of the future" strategy about a dozen times in that stretch) you could have gotten there yourselves.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Had I only known

I ordered Jane's Valentine's Day flowers through ProFlowers. Well, the price wasn't bad and they arrived in good shape. But had I realized that I'd get email from either ProFlowers or one of their affiliates virtually every day since, and that "unsubscribe" doesn't seem to get noticed by them, I might not have bothered ordering the flowers online at all. They are pains in the ass of a high order.

Just a warning...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another shoe may be dropping soon

Apple updated almost everything this morning. New Mac Pros, new iMacs, new minis, all pretty much as expected. They also added a few other goodies. The 15" MacBook Pro had its processor speed bumped up a tiny bit in the middle configuration, 256GB SSD is now available for the MacBook and 15" MacBook Pro (it was initially only available on the 17"), and there's a new wired keyboard sans numeric keypad. No wireless keyboard with the pad yet, though. Rats.

Also added were new models of both the Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme base station, now supporting goodies like a second SSID for guests (that's firewalled off from the main network), and dual-band operation. Cool. I wonder if any of those features will make it via software to the current model (like maybe the guest network support).

They also added a trick for remote access to a Time Capsule via .Mac that looks interesting.

Now for the other shoe. A lot of whispers have been going on the last few days that Apple's planning an event for 3/24. Well, if that's true then there's something else coming out that's basically not a Mac. Because the entire line is now refreshed since October when the initial unibody laptops came out (the 17" and nVidia whitebook were in January, now everything else consumer today). Xserve wasn't updated today, but that's not a big deal. No pressing reason to move it over from Harpertown to Nehalem right now anyways - and that alone doesn't justify an Apple event.

My guesses: either an announcement that Snow Leopard has gone GM (with a release date 30-45 days later) or something iPhone-related. Either which way, if there is in fact an Apple event this'll likely be the last major thing from them before WWDC midyear.