Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wireless fun

I've used my cell phone a lot for business since opening my doors in March - basically, whenever I'm out I forward my office phone to it. And with upcoming travel in the next while, I have Internet needs that I won't be able to accomodate as-is.

So I went hunting at Cingular's site for ideas. Since switching to their service in January, they've revised their plans somewhat. It turns out that I could upgrade my cell plan to one giving me 200 more minutes in the pool, plus unlimited mobile-to-mobile for $10 per month more than I've been paying. Since Jane and her mom talk frequently via cell, that takes all those minutes they've been using out of the pool and frees them up for business use. A no-brainer.

Then, I looked at the Internet side. Since buying my T616 (which I use via Bluetooth with my PowerBook), Cingular added a plan called "Media Works". Media Works gives you unlimited GPRS connection time for $5 per month more than my existing plan's MMS/Internet was costing. I took that, too.

In order to switch it on, Cingular downloaded an update to my phone remotely, and then I rebooted it. Now I can use the phone as a GPRS modem with unlimited connect time - from what I understand the connect speeds should range from about 56k to 150k depending on location.

This all means that my office is now truly mobile - and can work from virtually anywhere I can get a cell signal. Sweet.

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