Monday, June 14, 2004

2-year update

After two years of growing, here's the current stats for David:

Height - 34.5 inches
Weight - 28 pounds
Both these measurements are in the 50th percentile.
I didn't get his noggin size, but I'm told it's 80th percentile. Jane took him today while I went to work.

Over the weekend, we had a change to our original plans. Friends of ours were planning to come up from Connecticut to visit, but their younger daughter got sick Friday afternoon so they had to cancel. We spent the weekend doing fun things with our son, instead.

Saturday we walked into town, and let him play at the town common and such. He napped for a good long time that day - 4 hours. But he made up for it by trying to avoid going to sleep and waking up at 6 AM on Sunday. We confined him to quarters (AKA his crib) for awhile to let everyone sleep a little longer.

Then we went to the New England Aquarium for a grand adventure. Instead of driving all the way in, we drove to Wonderland and took the Blue Line in. This was very impressive to little David, who had never ridden a train (that he was aware of) before. He liked the fishies, but the train was really the highlight for him.

(talking to my parents later that evening, he kept saying "blue choo-choo" to them)

Highlight: His ATF Dora episode is the "choo choo" episode, featuring the quest of Azul the blue train to get a whistle. He made the connection between Blue Line and Blue choo-choo - and when we were waiting in Aquarium Station to catch the train back home, he saw a train come in heading in the opposite direction. As it left down the track into the tunnel, he realized it dodn't have a whistle, and said, "oh no!". We reassured him that the choo-choo did in fact have a whistle, and all would be OK. It reassured him.

Later on, after we got home and he napped, Jane went to the grocery store. David and I played in the dining room, chasing each other around the dining room table in circles. I went with him into the living room to rest afterwards, and he took off after a few minutes. Suddenly, while I was sitting on the sofa, I heard an ominous tinkle.

Heading out to find him, I look in the dining room - and there he is, standing on the table, happily clinking the chandelier.

I swear, let them out of sight for a nanosecond...

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