Thursday, June 10, 2004

Tweet tweet

I golfed with Ric last night - started with a bogey (not bad - I just missed scoring with a 12-foot putt for par but I had a tap-in), then played horribly for a few holes before picking it up on the last three. Three weeks ago, I went 7-6-8 on the final three after lighting it up on the first 6 to wind up at 52. This time, I went bogey, birdie, bogey (5-2-5) to finish at 51. And overall I probably played worse in this round than I did in the other one. Which shows you how fickle golf can be. That's a 9-shot swing over two different rounds.

But I did get my second birdie of the season, which is most excellent. I'm going to try and go to the driving range in the next couple of days to try and work things out a little - I'm really having a lot of trouble hitting driver off the tee lately, and that leaves me in a bad position to recover. It may be related to all the weight training I've been doing, but I've developed a hook in the last couple of weeks. That has never been a problem for me before. When I'm hitting well, I hit my drives about 250 yards, with a little bit of fade to them (a fade is basically like a slice, but gentle and controlled). My hook has been almost dead pull left. If I can work that out, my game otherwise is showing some promise this year.

The incredibly slow golfers in front of us didn't get to me as badly as usual, but on the final hole they were just farting around on the green while a thunderstorm line was starting to approach and the wind was picking up in advance of it. We finally hit into them and told them to get a move on so people could finish before the storm (there were a couple of groups behind us, too). They dared give us lip, but a talk with the starter and their attitude was adjusted.

Anyhow, they were pretty sucky golfers, too. Nyah nyah.

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