Thursday, June 17, 2004

Eureka - a sign!

Last night, after David's bath, we were dressing him for bed. After Jane got his diaper on, he started trying to get out of his room and was shouting something we thought was "daddy" (I was in the other room right then). I came in as requested only for us to realize he was actually shouting "potty!", so we let him go running into the bathroom and helped him get his diaper off.

And then he flipped up the lid and sat down on the potty.

Nothing happened, of course, but that was neat to see him show real interest in it.

I golfed yesterday, and it was One Of Those Rounds. Shot a 53, which is straight double-bogey golf and not truly horrible, but it was the kind of round where for every brilliant shot I would answer with a mediocre one. I started the first hole, for instance, by hitting a short drive with topspin that only went about 150 yards. Then I answered with a perfect 200 yard shot with my Tight Lies that landed just short and slightly right of the green. But then I chipped all the way over the green. Wasting a shot completely. Chip back on, two-putt - six.

That was typical of the round. On Four, I hit arguably my best drive of the season so far - a 290-yard blast down the left edge of the fairway that got a perfect roll to leave me with maybe 230 to the green. What did I do? Topped it, and hit a flubber about 100 yards. Third ball just short of the left front bunker, chip to the fringe, putt from the fringe, and lipped out the bogey putt for a tap-in seven.

And so on. I've played worse, but I've also played a heck of a lot better.

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