Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Outage report

The power outage was over by about 9:40 or so - it lasted just over an hour and a half. My Mini-ITX server and Internet service remained up the whole time, as my iMac could have (but I shut it down just before the end). Afterwards, I reset the handful of powered clocks, but the phone system had a backup battery of its own so I didn't have to take care of that one.

Once we had light again David got to enjoy a quick bath.

Lately, he's just figured out how to say "thank you", and he's going through a bit of a cleanliness kick. He hates finding dirt on his feet. We're trying to get him over it as effectively as we can.

In other news, Cingular's higher-level tech folks don't have my GPRS problem solved yet (I spoke to their folks this morning). As much as it was neat, I'm starting to think that maybe the Verizon data service is a better bet now that they released a Mac driver for their PC Card.

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