Friday, June 25, 2004

Minor Regrets

I've decided I have one great regret in life. So far. At least, over the last couple of years.

And that is trading in my Olds Bravada last year for my current Chevy Venture minivan. It's not so much that I hate my Chevy - I don't. Actually, the Chevy is a pretty nice vehicle. But the Olds was sweet.

By buying the Chevy, I gained:
- lots of cargo space
- two additional seats
- better gas mileage (especially on the highway) and a bigger tank by 7 gallons' worth
- Fewer new model "bugs", since the Bravada was a brand-new design, while the Venture is a few years into the model
- A better dealership for support (Hillcrest Chevy in Salem - they're pretty good)
- LATCH system compatibility for easer car seat maintenance

But I gave up:
- Outboard turn signals
- Auto-dimming mirrors
- Outside mirrors that tilt down in reverse
- OnStar
- Better quality sound
- Climate control that used an actual thermostat
- A generally nicer driving experience
- Better foul-weather handling (but not by much - both vehicles have AWD)
- Better heated seats that were adjustable both back and bottom
- Lumbar supports
- About $7000 or so worth of cash

Now that we don't need to travel with as much crud for the little guy, the cargo capacity wouldn't be missed too badly. And the extra passenger capacity is nice, but not critical. But I could use the cash (couldn't we all), and I just plain liked the Olds more.


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