Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Dress Code

Today's dress code at JH Turiel has been modified to permit shorts. Because it's expected to be over 90% today.

If you go into Boston from the North Shore, there are two really good ways to get there, depending on your destination. If you are heading for the Downtown Crossing area, North Station, or anywhere in the Back Bay, you are best off driving down to Wellington Circle and taking the Orange Line into town. The bonus with that comes because you can also go to Krispy Kreme if you want - one is right outside the station.

Way number 2 is by heading down to Wonderland and taking the Blue Line. If you're headed to the Quincy Market/North End area you're best off heading to Aquarium station. Last night, I had a BNUG meeting in Boston so that's how I went.

It's convenient to go to meetings in Boston - and the price for me is about the same as when we meet at our regular Mount Ida location in Newton. With tolls, I pay $5 to go to meetings in Newton ($3 inbound at the Williams Tunnel, $1 each way on the Mass. Pike at Allston). Taking the T, it's $2.50 to park, and $1.25 each way on the subway. Same price, less gas burned.

So hopefully we'll meet in Boston more often. That'd be nice.

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