Thursday, June 24, 2004

Minor Cellular Glitch

When Cingular reset my account yesterday to enable the new features, they also fixed an issue the rep noticed where my phone had multiple IMEI numbers associated with my phone's account. However, after the programming update was completed, I noticed a couple of changes once I left for a walk:

- First, the phone kept preferring the roaming carrier. Which would generate a time zone update message that I had to manually accept.

- Secondly, when I roam, I drop the GPRS coverage signal. No problem, except that preferring the roaming carrier means that I'd often be without GPRS signal, and when I came out of roam and picked Cingular back up again I wouldn't reacquire GPRS.

I called their customer service last night but wasn't able to get it figured out - but when I called them this morning I got someone who understood the problem and was able to reset my phone for me. After a reload (by them) followed by a reboot (by me), all is well again. I went for a short stroll to test it.

Interestingly, Cingular has a poor reputation for customer service. But other than the one thing last night (where they were polite and friendly, but unable to solve the problem) all my calls to customer service have been just fine. And most of the people I talk to seem to have a good clue as well.

The only pet peeve I have about their service versus T-Mobile is this: when I accessed voicemail from my T-Mobile phone, their system recognized I was calling from my cell and didn't require me to use a passcode. Cingular's voicemail system isn't that bright. So I always have to use my code, which can be a little distracting and inconvenient at times. But that's my only real peeve. Otherwise their coverage is much better, their support is good, and their pricing is competitive.

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