Thursday, June 24, 2004

Technical Projects

Projects I am working on right now for either business or personal/business purposes:

- Pre-configuring new router (well, actually it's a leftover) with wireless support for replacing the one currently in use by my parents. I'm setting it up with a pre-punched hole for Apple Remote Desktop support so i can help them when they have problems. The wireless support is so I can use their network with my PowerBook when I visit (unless I sell it, but then I'll probably get another). This is the router I paid negative $5 for, so don't worry, Mom and Dad.

- Learning the ClarkConnect SOHO Linux system, as a potential replacement for SME Server if that project bogs down. It also has some neat capabilities in the base product I'd like to learn about.

- Setting up VPN support for my office LAN that supports NAT passthru.

- Just finished: remove SharePoint from my SBS box at work. I'm not going to be deploying SharePoint in the network I'm building for a client, nor do I need it for the me/myself/I network I run at the office. That also simplifies things from a maintenance standpoint and let me remove a MSDE instance.

- Make the necessary changes to allow me to use Exchange as my primary MTA. This isn't because I love Exchange, it's because I love OWA. And I like the challenge of locking it down.

- Work out deployment schedule for the above-mentioned SBS network I'm doing.

- Brush up on my DV editing skills for another client. They use Final Cut Pro, but from the nature of the project it may be overkill.

- Debug a problem that I run into with jobs stalling occasionally on the HP Laserjet 1200 I use at home. It's on a print server, which is where I suspect the issue lies. But it's low-priority since it's for me, and not for a paying customer.

- Debug a problem on my Dell laptop that causes it to BSOD when I insert a flash device - either through USB or via the PC Card interface. Annoying, but not too important. And flash cards put into my Epson printer's flash slots work fine. Go figure.

- Build a couple more Ghost images for the Dells in my training lab - they need a couple of other configurations to be available.

- Once I get OWA established, test MS Entourage's support for Exchange via OWA. It could make SBS a viable solution for small Mac networks if they don't go Panther Server/Xserve. I have a client for whom this may be a consideration.

And several others not sufficiently glamourous to mention.

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