Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Mundanes

"Mundane" is actually more of a description of today, but I'll give a bonus point to anyone who can give me the real story behind this post's title.

Anyhow, it is a mundane day thus far. It's gray and gloomy outside, and I'm paying bills at the moment. My back is kinda sore - and has been for the last day. It's either from sleeping badly on Sunday or my body's way of telling me I'm overdoing it on the weights. I suspect the former, but I've dialed back my workouts a little for a few days just in case.

I've developed something resembling a philosophy when it comes to doing business. My first priority with a prospective customer isn't to try and understand their technical environment. That part's easy. What I want to do first is understand their business. If I get that right, I'm in pretty good shape for the rest, I figure. And whatever technical solutions I come up with are more likely to be relevant.

We did barbecue last night over at Greg & Mary's place along with another family - David played with their two kids and we all ate way too much. In other culinary news, the Rockmore was supposed to have been towed out on station for this weekend, but when we walked into town Sunday we didn't see it out in the harbor. A sign in the company's window, however, says that though their on-shore restaurant is closed (and being rebuilt as something else) the Rockmore itself would be open as usual starting Memorial Day weekend. So we're wondering what's up with that. Maybe they meant Memorial Day 2005?

David has gotten a little whiny during walks lately. I think he figures that now he's proved he can walk all he wants, so he'd just as soon be carried. What he does is scoot in front of me and grab my leg - as soon as he gets my attention he'll say "up?". I'm supposed to then pick him up and carry him one-armed. Sometimes I oblige him.

We also took the changing table out of his room yesterday. He needed the space, plus we were risking harm by trying to use it any more. Mainly he gets changed standing up now. After the current crop of diapers is used up I think we'll switch to the convertibles. It'll make things easier.

Finally, over the weekend Jane and I cleared out the side yard (really just a strip about 6 feet wide between our house and the fence - we cut down a mainly dead rose bush, got rid of a few maple saplings, and cut back all the vines growing on that side. We also raked out a lot of the debris that was there. We may try growing grass, but I think wood chips are a better option for play area. We also cleaned out the basement somewhat and made a better playspace down there than we had before.

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