Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I - am - a - businessman, dangit!

Today was the Salem State Enterprise Center's Small Business Expo. It was cosponsored by virtually all the local chambers of commerce, and I had a table. At the table, I had three posters that Kinko's whipped up for me (and I may have found a bug in the current Creator betas in the process). I also had a couple of tabletop signs, brochure holders, and both a Mac and Windows laptop, each locked to the table and running a loop of a Keynote slideshow I made to shill my business. To get it on the PC, I exported it as a Quicktime movie and looped it. It was a quite professional-looking booth if I do say so myself, and the signage is all re-usable.

The show itself went pretty well. My jacket went unworn, as the O'Keefe Center on campus where the show was isn't air conditioned - and it was a pretty sticky day today. I think I may be showering before bed tonight. I picked up a few good leads, one of which I will be talking to tomorrow. Jane will be following up on the rest - she was there selling until 1, and then our friend Judy came over and worked the rest of the afternoon. I left about 5:30, and paid the ladies by ordering Chinese takeout after returning home.

David's been kinda difficult the last day or two - he's not visibly sick but has been running intermittent low-grade fevers. When they hit, a little ibuprofen knocks it right down, but today he was very whiny until after his nap. He had a grand time with dinner, though - not only does he really like Chinese food, but he loves showing off for Judy. Getting him calmed down enough for bed tonight was a chore.

The rest of the week looks to be fairly busy. Which is good.

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