Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Stupid is as stupid does

So yesterday, I came into the office and discovered that I couldn't print. My print server was connected and showing a connect light, but couldn't get an IP address. So I assumed the print server was kaput, and hooked the printer directly to the server. No biggie, right?

Today, I turned on my PowerBook and also got no IP address. Hmm. I did have a wireless connection to the base station, so I guessed flakiness on the base station's part - it's an SMC that's been odd since I bought it back in the winter. After a few cursory attempts to fix it, I headed over to the local Radio Shack to pick up a Linksys WRT54g instead.

Then, when I got back (before opening the box), I had a "light dawns over Marblehead" moment. Checking my Windows server, I discovered that the DHCP service was shut off. Duh. So I enabled it, and everything is now hunky-dory. But that was my dumb moment for the month.

Now I just need to figure out how to rename my SBS-based domain. When I installed SBS, I used the ".local" domain for my forest, and that conflicts with Rendezvous on my Mac. So I can't properly use resources through AD from the Mac. I have some tools from Microsoft that should do the trick, but I need to grok them first.

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