Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Cellphone problem solved (for now)

Cingular was able to reset my phone and get GPRS access working again. Speed is OK today. What I may do, though, is try out the Verizon solution as well and see if it performs better in real-world usage. I get 15 days to see if it'll get the job done with the right to cancel.

What I'll do is drop in at the local Verizon store this afternoon and bring my PowerBook for a test. Having acceptable Internet access available through a wireless connection of some sort is pretty much a must-have for me when I'm in the field. The advantage to Verizon would be somewhat better speeds, and the ability to use my cellphone separately while I'm using the Internet. The advantage to sticking with Cingular GPRS is that I can use one device for both voice and data, plus I don't have to worry about using a PC Card (which Verizon uses) - as I can just connect to my cell phone with Bluetooth. I like Bluetooth.

Ultimately the question is which one will make me more productive. That remains TBD.

Today I got a packet in the mail from Microsoft. They sent me a free 128MB USB thumb drive with their logo on it as a Partner goodie. I do like those folks sometimes...

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