Sunday, June 20, 2004


The week ended with most of Friday helping my new client up north. I managed to get a _lot_ of outstanding issues resolved up there, and I completed the vendor specs for my other customer.

Yesterday was simply spent doing a few errands in preparation for the upcoming Small Business Expo on Tuesday (I've got a booth), and troubleshooting some PDF files I'd sent to Kinko's for output.

And we went out for a little while to pick stuff up at Staples for the Expo today. Boring. We did head down to Swampscott in the early evening to let David run around on the beach - which is a lot of fun at low tide down there. He enjoyed it, and that was possibly the only thing he enjoyed all day. What a mood he was in...

Mainly, though, I spent Fathers' Day being lazy. Which was pretty cool.

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