Sunday, June 27, 2004

Random Synapse Firings

Just got back from Connecticut - a baby shower for my sister, who is just about ready to pop. This will be the second grandkid for my folks, and we're all looking forward to it. David wants a playmate.

- I know NASCAR's huge and all, but I think I have the key to making it even bigger. We already have car and truck divisions, now we need a minivan division as well. I wanna see Dale Earnhardt, Jr. blasting into a turn at a blazing 70 MPH in his NASCAR-modified Chevy Venture.

- Coffeenerdness (with apologies to the vacationing Peter King): When driving on the Mass. Pike, do not get a latte from Lavazza. At pain of death. Not only is the $3.30 medium size tiny, but it tasted like they forced battery acid through the grounds instead of water. Brutal. Worst. Latte. Ever.

- I may have spoken too soon on the GPRS thing working right. I tried to use it yesterday, and got a "GPRS Parameters Not Supported" error message on the cell phone. Same thing in stand-alone. I'll have to see if it needs to be re-zapped from far away. It worked after the first reload.

- Guilty pleasures: I feel ashamed to admit it, but I really like listening to Sophie B. Hawkins. I know it's overproduced synth-pop. but her voice is just so darned nice...

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