Wednesday, June 23, 2004


By the way, at the Expo yesterday my long-time nemesis was there. Coffee Time Bakery.

I had a cup of coffee, an apple danish, and two blueberry bismarks (mini ones, at least). Jane made it worse when she brought me a piece of strawberry shortcake, too.

I did an extra set on the weights last night in penance.

I mentioned in my evening entry our difficulty in getting David to bed. Well, a few minutes after uploading the post, we had to go in and settle him down. He asked us to go in the crib, so rather than doing that I finally dismantled it entirely. I was going to do it this weekend originally, anyway. The mattress we kept for travel, but the rest of it is in the attic now. And then I moved his bed where the crib had been (a much better spot for it), and moved a chair to the big empty space where the bed had been. With the changing table (a few weeks ago) and crib removed, his room is now pretty spacious.

That did the trick until about 2AM, when he hit his between-REM phase. He usually wakes slightly at that point, but last night it was bad. We brought him in for a while to comfort him, and he burrowed right into my armpit until he passed out finally for good about 15-20 minutes later. Then Jane brought him back into his bedrrom - I think he slept through it and all the rest of the night.

The good news on the family front is that my dad's been cleared to drive again. That makes me happy in ways I can't even describe.

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