Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Minor mechanical issues

David went to our friend Lori's house after school today to play (her daughter is David's age). Jane dropped him off, then went to a hair appointment and came home - and once she got here we headed out to do a couple of errands and then pick him up.

So the main stop was the Liberty Tree Mall, where I had to go return a headset at Best Buy and Jane went to get some plastic travel bottles at Target. When we started the car up again, though, the headlights were dead. First "real" problem I've had with this car. After some fiddling, I found that the high beams still worked fine, so I switched them on for the remainder of the drive tonight. And now instead of getting up early for a bike ride, I have to get up early for a trip to the dealership. Hopefully it's just either the fuse or the switch (I checked the fuse, which appeared fine, but I couldn't tell for sure given the limited light). The parking lights and all the interior lamps are fine. Lacking sufficient outside lighting, I couldn't tell if the DRLs work or not, but I suspect not.

Fortunately the dealership has free WiFi, so I can at least be productive while I wait. They open at 7:30.

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