Thursday, June 09, 2005


Things worked out OK. I wound up showing up at my first site at 7:30 in the morning, before anyone arrived as it turned out. So I sat in front of the door, fired up my PowerBook, logged on their server with ARD and started working. By the time I left around 3, I had everything important working and finished - there's just some follow-up issues and training to do and that's not as urgent (though I will be doing some of it tomorrow). I didn't have to go to Norwood, and I made it back to my office in time to take care of cleaning up one of the two PCs I planned for tomorrow.

Which is good, because I added one client visit to my afternoon tomorrow. It's a relatively rare four-client day Friday - I start by dropping off David at school and seeing one client in my building, followed by a trip to Salem, lunch (if there's time), a drive to a Mac client in Manchester, and then a Windows client in Wenham before heading home. But it's a manageable schedule, and none of it is high-pressure stuff.

Unless I get up at the crack of dawn Sunday and walk on the course, there is no way I'll be getting my round of league golf in this week. First time in years I've missed a week. That kind of sucks. I do plan to ride my bike early Saturday, before Jane goes to work. Maybe about 15 miles or so - I haven't been riding much at all this month.

Next week looks to be a little bit of a respite, but the following week already has three days booked - each job taking a half-day or more. One of them is a prepaid contract job, though, but that lets me recognize the quarterly revenue. Which I don't fully understand, so it's a good thing I have Quickbooks and a good accountant.

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