Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Out of gas

Monday, I worked pretty much the whole day solid. Tuesday, I was at multiple sites during the day, worked until 8PM, and did a product demo. Today, I worked for two different clients and met with another in the evening - another night home at 8ish.

For Thursday, I have to spend the morning wrapping up the server install I've been doing the previous two days, then potentially head down to Norwood to work the afternoon. Friday I have to fix two spyware-infested PCs that have been gathering dust in my office since I picked them up from two different clients. Next week and the week after are already booking up quickly, and I have several new clients who have projects for me to tackle over the next month or so. My beginning-of-July vacation down at the Jersey Shore is looking like it might not happen - I will probably be working while Jane and David head south to cavort.

Yes, I'm totally overextended now, and I will find some sort of solution before I start messing things up for customers. I will not allow that to happen. Period. But I'm still working on the details part.

For now, I'll go to bed. I have to be on-site at 8 tomorrow.

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