Thursday, June 23, 2005

I never thought I'd agree with Scalia

Generally, where I'd stand on a Supreme Court decision is on the opposite side of whatever side Scalia is on. This time, I'm right there with him. Private property is private, and not there for the government to reallocate to other private developers. Eminent domain should only be used sparingly, and is only for the public's direct benefit. Enabling a big private downtown development is not an appropriate use, and ergo the Supreme Court has issued its most inane decision since Bush v. Gore.

Sandra Day O'Connor's dissent was terrific, by the way, and someday when the decision is justly set aside by a later Court, it'll be referred to extensively.

By the way, tonight we took David to his first baseball game (the North Shore Spirit independent minor league team in Lynn). He loved it. But I think mostly he loved the playground they had, the popcorn, the peanuts, the mascot, and seeing his friend Ciera there. The baseball, while fun, was strictly secondary.

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