Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Idle thoughts du jour

When I read the description of Terri Schiavo's brain from today's released autopsy report, for a moment I thought it was a description of Shrub's instead.

My mom tells me the falcons are going to fledge soon. That means we're going to get her back from Bird Nerd land any day now...

As predicted, it's been a busy but not insanely so week so far. Which is good. And the receivables are starting to come in, too - I may even pay myself by week's end.

Interesting book - The Secret Life of Lobsters, by Trevor Corson. Not the most socially significant book I've ever read, but it's making my favorite meal look like a lot more than just a big aquatic cockroach.

I'm doing research for a possible project for one of my clients on SANs - really cool high-tech stuff. I'm looking primarily at Xiotech, with the possibility of overlaying a SAN filesystem on Apple's Xserve RAID chassis as another option.

Sadly, I did not golf last week due to extreme busyness. That marks the first league week I've missed without a medical reason in several years. The sad part is that I've sucked so badly the first couple of times out that the penalty really didn't hurt my average at all - it's early enough in the season that I'm still working off last years' average. I had originally planned to golf today, but the weather is not cooperating. And I had to ride the bike inside, too. Summer was here for about a week, and then was cruelly snatched away by the jetstream.

After I post this, I need to go pick up David - Jane's winding her way back from Maine right now. Then we have split duties - I have to go restock the diapers while Jane and David take Gracie to the doctor's for her annual exam.

I'd take David with me, but I'm third on his list of favorites - behind Jane and Gracie. He's just a real ladies' man.

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