Thursday, June 23, 2005

Memo to Verizon

I'm not using your DSL. I'm not going to use your DSL if I can help it. Not at home, and not at the office. I will never use PPPoE. I will never use a service that doesn't allow servers as part of their ToS. I don't hate you - I use your mobile data service with my PowerBook, and I use you as our local carrier at home for all 3 lines we have, as well as for both of my office lines. I have Centrex, even. You're a decent phone provider and if your family plan pricing had been better a couple of years ago I'd be using you for our cell phones, too.

So stop sending us DSL promotional mailings. Please. Between work and home, you must be wasting between $5 and $10 per month trying to pimp DSL to me. I'm not going to buy it. Period. Give up, save some money, and lower my frigging rates instead!

(However, when you start offering me FiOS at home I may change my mind - provided you let me run my web and e-mail server)

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