Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where do I begin?

How about with chronological order. Thursday, I got a call from David's school just before 3 - he was running a low fever and was felling awful. He perked up when I arrived to pick him up, but otherwise was felling blah. Unfortunately, the fever meant he had to stay home Friday, so Jane and I both scrambled to rearrange our schedules. I was only able to spend about an hour and a half with customers because I watched him most of the day.

He got better quickly, though, and was pretty much his old self by Saturday. Jane worked a pretty long day that day, so he and I had quality time.

We're now a one-cat home again. Danny made his final trip to the vet last night - he was about 14 and just generally miserable and full of hate for all of us. He had arthritis, and towards the end wouldn't even let us close enough to him to groom him or cut his nails. Rather than spend oodles of money on him with no real likelihood of success (and the probability of still having a cat who hated us), we did the expedient thing. However, we ducked the issue entirely with David and told him that Danny left us and moved away. He even said goodbye (from a distance - he was afraid of Danny).

On a more pedestrian note, I got a Treo 650 yesterday. I got it directly from Palm for less than Cingular wanted to sell it for, and with no contract extensions required. Nice. It's bigger than my old T637, but not ridiculously so. And after a little funkiness, everything works fine. iSync picked it up with no problem, but I did have one issue with it - since I already had a prior Palm, on my first hotsync I wound up with lots of junk I didn't need - including a system patch for my old Tungsten that screwed up a lot of things. So I had to learn how to do a warm reset so I could remove it (page 168 of the manual). THen it behaved fine after rebooting. I've set them up for customers, so I knew what to expect. The only catch is that Palm's released Treo firmware upgrades for all but the Cingular and Verizon models so far that fix a lot of bugs. There's no ETA for the Cingular version.

I may be something of a tech whiz, but last night I almost ruined my e-mail system. Duh. I was trying the migration from the old SME server to the Tiger-running mini that I already serve my website from. And I managed to flush my Inbox completely - 2600+ messages worth. So at a quarter of 11, I was on my way to the office so I could recover the message IMAP cache from my iMac (successful), after which I ran an Applescript-based utility to extract the IMAP cache to MBOX files, then I moved it all into new accounts on the Tiger server. Once I did that and verified that all the mail had moved (counting mailing list archives and sent mail, it came out to over 6000 messages since last April), I then went to the trouble of setting up some root-level folders so I could sort it easier, and keep the Inbox itself from getting too big. I broke it down by quarter - now I'm down to 197 in the Inbox itself (I only kept from 6/1 onward right there). Much more manageable.

The suck part was that I got home at 1 from all this. The good part is that I fixed a PC that I had there gathering dust I'd picked up from a customer while I was waiting on the e-mail move, so I made money while I was there.

Which is good, because I may spent it on coffee today. It's going to be a long day...

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