Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The annual purge has begun

WWE dumped 8 wrestlers yesterday - it was a cruiserweight-happy purge, as Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley, Akio, and Billy Kidman were dropped along with Kevin Fertig, David Heath, Maven Huffman, and Mark Jindrak.

Just for historical purposes, Heath used the Gangrel vampire gimmick, and turned up for a couple of weeks as part of a storyline. I hadn't even realized he was still on the roster. Fertig made a brief appearance in the disastrous "Mordecai" gimmick (it was kind of a crusader deal), was sent back down to Ohio Valley, and never heard from again. Jindrak and Maven until recently were regulars on TV - Jindrak was just in the trade storyline, moving from Smackdown to Raw last week, and Maven was the first winner of WWE's Tough Enough competition (a legit reality battle for a contract), and had just had a pretty good heel turn earlier in the year before being dropped in the midcard.

As for the four smaller guys, Kidman's major distinction was being from my mother-in-law's hometown (Allentown, PA), and being Torrie Wilson's husband. He was a really good athlete who had no real personality and kept getting hurt. Losing Spike is a surprise - my guess is that he must have wanted to quit. He had a great gimmick, was incredibly popular with the fans, and probably wasn't making huge money. Moore was a FOM (Friend Of Matt), and since he had no real role other than jobbing, I'm guessing this means that Matt Hardy won't be back after all. And finally, dumping Akio was a big loss - he was a spectacular gymnast in the ring.

In real-world news, we're about to drive back from the Jersey shore, where we've been since last weekend. Traffic should be a tad better on this leg of the trip...

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