Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You Da Man!

This Monday, I played in the Beverly Chamber of Commerce's golf tournament, held at the Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton (before that, though, I had to make an emergency run to Gloucester to help a customer). It took me a while to get comfortable with my driver, but by the back nine, I was booming the drives way out there and helping the team make a brief run. I even reached the 500+ yard 18th green in two shots (305 drive, 205 from the fairway), and then sank the birdie putt as well. It was nice to play well for a change.

Yesterday I worked with a client I handle on a subcontract from another vendor, and did some planning for them. Today I head to Boston shortly, for an afternoon follow-up with another client, and then tomorrow I'm pretty busy before starting a brief vacation wrapped around the 4th.

Quick thoughts on other topics: George Bush is a pathetic clown - an absolute asshat of a human being who is trying every trick in the book to make his pet war seem like a good idea - now he's recasting it as part of the war on terror when he originally sold it as a project to disarm Hussein. Yeah, Iraq's full of terrorists. Now that you basically invited them in. Freakin' war criminal.

And as for his sycophants on Fox News, Sean Hannity is a brownout stain on the tighty-whities of this nation. Even just hearing soundbites of him makes me feel ill. Bill O'Reilly is just a vile blowhard who couldn't use all his Factor money to buy a clue if he tried, and Geraldo has descended somewhere into that netherworld of mental illness that Tom Cruise seems to be veering towards, too.

On a more mundane note, I've had my Treo 650 for about two weeks now, and overall I like it. It does have it's share of quirks, though, most notably absolutely abysmal Bluetooth headset support. Though I get very good sound quality, upon connecting the headset the connection drops within 5 seconds - you can still use it but you have to manually wake the headset as soon as you dial. Hopefully it'll be addressed in the overdue Cingular firmware update - so far Palm has released the updates for unlocked GSM phones, Sprint, and Rogers. We're still waiting on the 650 updates for Cingular and Verizon - but Verizon only shipped them in the first place about a month ago.

There's an elaborate procedure I can use to manually re-flash the phone with the unlocked GSM update, but there's enough of a risk of Bad Things happening that I'm not going there.

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