Saturday, October 25, 2003

Until recently

Until recently, we had a squirrel that was terrorizing the neighborhood. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. He did hang out in the area (I wouldn't call it a yard, exactly) between our house and the house behind us, occasionally turning up next door. He was relatively agressive for a squirrel, plucking apples off the little apple tree in our yard, hanging out on our rear stoop to eat, and always being around when we were coming and going.

Now, let me digress. We have a storage area behind our house as well. We keep a few trash barrels there, of which one has no lid. We use that one for yard waste and when we just have too much stuff to contain in the rest. I usually leave it on it's side, otherwise it gets full of rainwater when we're not using it.

I hadn't noticed, but it was standing up for the last couple of stormy weeks. It was about 1/3 full today.

Now, back to the story. Jane was outside this afternoon doing a little yardwork - which for us mainly consists of taking the flowerpots that we keep annuals in to the storage area and emptying them out. She noticed the trashbin was full of water again.

She also noticed the squirrel, floating, and drowned. It must have been recent, as he was still quite intact. I took care of the mess just now.

I must admit, it is kinda funny.

I've posted an ad on Usenet ( - my PowerBook G4/667 is for sale. No, it's not to pay the mortgage. It's because I've replaced it with an iMac as of yesterday. After checking the used market, I realized that it would be about a break-even with yesterday's Apple Store sale prices factored in. Anyhow, if you think you might want it, e-mail me for info - or go to Usenet and read the ad. I posted it this afternoon.

I feel naked without a portable Mac, though, so once I'm working again I'll probably pick up a bottom-of-the-line G4 iBook at some point.

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