Saturday, October 25, 2003

Truly, a busy night

Last night, we went to the mall. We'd been putting the visit off all week, since last night was Apple's "Night of the Panther" launch event for MacOS 10.3. Seemed like fun.

So we got to the mall at 7:30. There was a line back about 20-30 people already when we walked by. So I got in it, and Jane went off with David to take care of some of the things on the list. Meanwhile, by the time 8 rolled by and the store opened, the line extended about 200 people deep. I made a good decision.

The only major purchase was an eMac for my folks. Apple had a 10% off all Macs deal that was valid last night. We'll get their old iMac (it used to be Jane's) back, reformat it, and give it to David next spring when he's old enough to start playing around a little bit on a computer. My major observation is that Mac users are essentially a tribe. Sure, I own and use Intel boxes. When I'm working, I earn a living taking care of them. Intel boxes have been very, very good to me. But I like using my Mac. Given a choice, I use the Mac. When I talk to other Apple users, I feel like they're part of the same little exclusive club that I'm in. People with Windows computers, on the other hand, just have computers. I think most other Mac people think much the same way.

Anyhow, we took care of everything and were on our way by about 9. David slept in today, which was nice - he got up at about a quarter to ten. The other sidenote from yesterday is that I actually cooked!

This is quite radical for me, as I'm not noted for my cooking. But I made a broccoli-cheddar quiche that came out pretty good. Jane claimed to have liked it.

I told her not to get too used to it, though.

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