Friday, October 03, 2003

I'm back! What did I miss?

We just returned this evening from a few days up in New Hampshire. We were in Waterville Valley the last two nights, at the Black Bear Lodge. Nice place. David was in a different room, and we had a little kitchenette. The bed wasn't the greatest, but wah.

The best thing about being up there was the lack of cell phone service or Internet access. For the first trip in years I left my PowerBook at home. That was nice. We mainly stuck around the ski village Wednesday and Thursday, and did some walking. Last night we had some beers in the pub there while watching the WVU-Miami game with another couple and their toddler. Some pictures from the trip will be posted this weekend when I get motivated.

Today, we set out early and crossed the Kangamangus Highway from Lincoln to Conway, over the White Mountains. Beautiful drive - I had last done the trip with my family as a teen. We spent lunch in North Conway and did a little shopping, then headed home the long way (via Route 16). It took awhile to catch up on e-mail and messages, but I'm just about current. David conked out around 9:15, after getting a bath. He loves the bath now - actually ran to get in and Jane had to struggle to keep him out long enough to get his outfit off first. Then he tried to rinse himself. We use an old plastic mug in the tub to rinse him off, and he took it and sloshed the water... right into his face. He spent some time sputtering afterwards.

I got one job rejection in the mail (it was one I already knew was coming, based on inside info I had). No news on the other job (the one I actually hope I get offered), so maybe that's a good sign. Based on what they told me, I expect either an offer or a rejection by early next week. Meanwhile, I keep searching under the assumption that they won't have me.

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