Friday, October 31, 2003

Greetings from the Halloween capital of the world!

And farewell to October. Today, we baked brownies, then strolled into town to see the madness first-hand. Indeed it was mobbed downtown. After returning home and putting David down for a nap around 2 or so, I went for ingredients and we made a big salad. We went to our friend's house (Greg and Mary) over near downtown with said brownies and salad, and had a dinner there with them and a few friends of theirs. Then we took all the kids trick-or-treating (David was a fireman, but refused to wear his hat), and after the sugar rush wore off the kids, we walked into downtown for the main event. Downtown was even more jammed than it had been in early afternoon. We took the back way home, and David demanded a bath. So we caved - he was sticky anyways. He hit the sack around 10.

We did a good job keeping him away from most of the candy, thankfully. He did eat a Reese's peanut butter cup (along with a chunk of the wrapper), and then he got his hands on a Tootsie Pop. He's only had a couple of lollipops so far, but he loves them. He somehow grabbed a second one at one point and was double-fisting them.

Besides that, though, he ate pretty well today. He did collect some candy during the trick-or-treating, but he's not going to get it, and we're not going to eat it, either. We'll give it away over the next week or two.

Anyhow, this marks the end of October, as I mentioned. One week from today will be three months since I was "separated" from Holyoke - right around the median for out-of-workness in this state. Hopefully I won't go too far past that, but there hasn't been a lot of new stuff appearing over the last week or so.

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