Wednesday, October 15, 2003


And the season extends another day. Boy, I'm getting grey at an alarming rate!

Cool thing they're doing now at the Apple Stores: they use a rugged plastic shopping bag that has its strings set up in such a way that it can do service in a pinch as a backpack. Really neat idea.

Definition of a geek: I watched yesterday's game at home, until it was time to go to the BNUG meeting. I listened to it on the radio during the drive to Newton. Once I got there, though, it was still the eighth inning. So, geek that I am, I fired up my trusty iPaq, plugged in the SDIO WiFi card that I snagged last week, and hunted for an available network I could get out on to get the play-by-play live over the Internet.

Found one, too.

Actually, the iPaq I have now (the 1935) is definitely the slickest yet. It's a hair taller than my Palm Tungsten is, but it's slimmer and (it seems) lighter. The PocketPC 2003 OS isn't bad (still no built-in battery meter, though), and the device is a lot more responsive than my old iPaq was. The screen is really nice, and the battery life so far has been quite good, even when using the WiFi card. It also fits really well in my Timbuk2 iPod holder - so well, in fact, that I got another one today so I wouldn't have to pick between the iPod and the iPaq for carrying along. The headphones pocket holds a couple of SD cards nicely.

The only hardware drawback to the design so far is that none of the portable keyboards that HP makes work with it, and it'd be nice to have a extended-life battery pack available for it like it is for other models. I also am not nuts about how they implemented the charger - I see no good reason they couldn't have drawn power off USB.

I'm also having some PocketMac issues that I'm dealing with - I think I may have messed it up and I'm too lazy to fix it right now. I'd like to network sync it now that I have the SDIO card, but it doesn't appear to work.

Nothing major new on the job front. I saw some more interesting stuff this week that I think I'll pursue. I never heard anything from the interview three weeks ago, and I assume they didn't bother notifying me that I wasn't selected. Oh well. The only disappointing thing about that is that I was told I'd hear one way or another of their intentions, but I don't think they'd have waited this long to decide - ergo, I assume it wasn't me. It would have been an interesting job that I probably would have done well at.

Perhaps I'll update again tomorrow after the game. Hopefully I'll be in a good mood - Cowboy Up!
(I can't believe I just said that...)

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