Saturday, October 18, 2003

At last - an evening to ourselves

We finally got out tonight to celebrate our anniversary (it was a week ago - feel free to congratulate us!). We got a sitter, and went to a nice early dinner followed by our first movie since Jane's birthday last year. When it comes to moviegoing, we're the polar opposite of the Woodges in that respect. Anyhow, we saw Lost in Translation. We both really liked it, partly because of Bill Murray's terrific performance, partly because Scarlett Johannsen was also first-rate paired up with him, partly because of the subtle, atmosphere-driven plot, and partly because it was nice to finally see a Hollywood movie with no on-screen sex, no car chases, no explosions, and no fights.

And now, back to mundane reality. I'm typing this while waiting for David's laundry to finish. We have to get up early tomorrow to go to a function a friend of ours is having, and I'll be in the sack the second after I get everything in the dryer. It was a really nice belated anniversary, though.

Hopefully by the next one I'll have another job!

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