Wednesday, October 08, 2003

California rules!

Or something...

Apparently, the key to success as a modern gubernatorial candidate is to have starred in "Predator". First Jesse, now Arnold. Go figure.

To be slightly serious, California, with their initiative system, deserves exactly the fiscal mess they're in, regardless of who runs the state. Let's be real. Not even presidential candidates really take them seriously. Sure, they pay good lip service to California - after all, they're the biggest, and therefore the most delegate/electorally rich of all states. People may be crazy to run for president, but with a few notable exceptions, they're not stupid. But they don't really give a whit about California at all, beyond the votes.

And yesterday's election summarizes why even more than I can state. And I don't have anything personally against Arnold. Heck, he might even be a great guy and a fine governor. But any state that makes it this easy to knock the guy they elected out and replace him with one of a menu of over 130 candidates deserves the worst. As Bill Maher said so well, what made Arnold any more qualified than Gary Coleman? Both were actors!

So enjoy your new governor, California. I hope he does a pretty good job, because your economy is important to the nation as a whole. At least give him a few months before you recall him, too - and please, no idiotic "Total Recall" puns when you do.

I'll just hang out here on the East Coast and snicker smugly at you...

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