Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The list

We've been doing a lot of house work over the previous couple of months. Now we're starting to do the list of Things To Do To Our House (since we're not moving anymore) That Cost More. Until I'm working again, it's only a list, but right now there's a couple of entries:

1: Re-work our kitchen alcove to accomodate a larger refrigerator. Our current one is only 18 cubic feet. But that's the widest one that'll fit right now.

2: Level out our curb cut and widen the driveway mouth a foot or two.

3: Do something with our backyard. I want to build a larger, more practical deck that could accomodate a table and our barbecue. Jane wants to figure out a way to fence it off. We'll probably do neither, but who knows?

That's it so far - everything else we want to do we can do ourselves, so it's reasonable to do so while I'm home.

David woke up at around 5 AM upset over something. It may have just been his soaked diaper. Anyhow, after I changed him and we tried cuddling him, it was quickly established that if we stayed around, his energy was only going to increase (he was trying to go off toddling). So we put him back to bed. He protested loudly, but soon was back asleep.

As were we.

No new job hunt news today, good or bad.

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