Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Yeah. Here we go...

I talked to my folks this afternoon - they were on their way back from picking up NY Lotto tickets at a store in Vista, NY. When I was a young man, "Vista run" had a far different meaning than two retirees heading over to buy Lotto tickets (thanks to a loophole in the drinking ages between NY and CT). Times change.

We made chili tonight for dinner. David picked out the beans and pretty much just ate them. Lots of beans, at that.

Our cats have been using the silica gel cat litter for the last few years. It's virtually stink-free. The only problem is that the fairly large chunks tend to wind up all over the house, which is a problem when you have a small boy who likes to put things into his mouth. This can cause Bad Things to happen.

So we've replaced one of our litter boxes with a design from Booda that's supposed to pretty much eliminate tracking. Hopefully it works - if it does, we'll replace the other one, too.

When I'm king, I will have anyone who throws a lit (or unlit) cigarette butt out of their car put to death. Or at least caned in public, Singapore-style. That's what ashtrays are for, morons!

I've turned a higher profit than Woodge on my website. I earned $10.02 this quarter. Nyah!

However, that may go into fixed costs soon. The USB ports on my PowerBook are getting flakey.

By the way, David's new favorite word - "bath". And he has to be held back from the tub while it fills, otherwise he's in - clothes and all.

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