Friday, June 27, 2003

Project complete

I installed the new antivirus/antispam gateway yesterday and changed DNS to point to it - the gateway is working quite well (once I fixed the glitch that was causing it to reject all mail as relay attempts - oops).

Since I got it functioning right around 10 last night, it has either blocked outright or tagged 334 messages as spam. I'm using the RBL as a reference, which is a little more permissive than some of the other RBL's.

Also, with the Turiel family having some travel coming up, I'm going to experiment with using T-Mobile's GPRS service. For $20/month (on top of your regular cell plan), you get unlimited usage at speeds approximately that of a modem. I should be able to use my T68i as a modem with this, and use either my TiBook or Palm for Internet connectivity.

I'll use it on my upcoming trip and report on it - if it works well, I'll keep it active and if it sucks I'll drop it.

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