Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I'm not a "car guy", really.

Cars have always been a strictly utilitarian interest for me. I buy a car, I use a car, I wear out a car, I buy another car. It needs to be reasonably comfortable and meet my technical criteria for what a car should deliver.

Currently I have a Chevy Venture minivan that I picked up this winter. It has AWD, a high roof (I need headroom because of my height), and sufficient space for the car seat and up to four other passengers in the rear, or enough storage to take a long trip with a full load of gear. Before that I owned my one "luxury" vehicle, an '02 Olds Bravada that I reluctantly parted with because it was a poor fit for childhauling. Until then, my cars had all been either lower-end sedans or (immediately before the Olds) a middle-of-the-line truck.

However, I now actually lust after a vehicle for the first time ever. I've seen a bunch of them on the road (unless it's just owned by one guy who coincidentally drives many of the same places I do at the same times), it's gotten great reviews, and it costs so much that I will never buy one - though it's a far better buy than it's nearest competitor.

The Infiniti FX45. That car/truck/whatever it is happens to be, in my opinion, the most spectacularly designed vehicle I've ever seen. After all the buzz for years about the Porsche Cayenne that's finally arriving here (the aforementioned nearest competitor) now, the FX45 is the same concept, executed far better, and with far better looks at a much lower price. Drool slobber drool.

Don't worry, folks - I am not even considering the purchase of one. Before we buy any new car we need to:

- Finish the house sale/purchase we're doing and come out ahead (it would be very nice to pocket a few dollars after everything is done).

- Buy a new iMac this fall.

- Wear out either of the cars we have now (Jane's is closer, but it's still a ways off).

And, more importantly, before we'd consider a new car that was an FX45, we'd have to:

- Hit the lottery!

And that ain't happening anytime soon that I can think of...

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